The nature of the trading business

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  1. Consider the following: As a trader you are in a business. Your strongest opponent has plenty of capital. He follows a program and he does it without emotion. He is totally aware of the fact that no one knows where the next tick will fall. Whereas he usually has good insights regarding the major forces that drive the market, he does not fool himself into thinking he can explain the vagrancies of price movement intraday or even from day to day. He knows that no one truly can. The successful trader has learned his lessons by actually trading. This is a business driven by fear, greed, and selfishness, and very few worthwhile pointers are given out by the industry, other traders, or the myriad of so-called trading gurus who plague the pages of trading magazines and pages of their websites. The most valuable information is closely guarded and not often put in books or on web pages. Learning about trading is a ‘forever’ experience. As the markets change and as we adjust to them, we learn. The learning is ongoing. It stops only when you no longer trade. During the time we trade we can always improve. Trading is a great business for those who master it, and those who master it are traders who have mastered themselves.
  2. Correct indeed.
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    I have seen people predict the future with 99% certainty. I tried it myself and am able to do 75%. It has nothing to do with tools or money management

    it has everything to do with realization that we are immortal spirits in human bodies living a PRE-MADE movie called life

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  7. mon, I wonder what you put in the pipes you smoke that enables you to be a prophet 75% of the time? You must be an awesome trader.

    Would you care to name a few of the 99% prophets you know?

    Gosh, if I could predict price action 99% of the time, I would probably own the planet by now. I could own the world even with being able to predict the markets 75% of the time.

    Instead of judging everyone else's posts, why don't you make some 75% valid predictions so we can all be rich, as you no doubt are.

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    lemme guess that life is wonderful to monl and that he won't reveal the secret to his 75% ability to predict the markets.
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