The Nature of Personal Reality

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  1. Our reality is simply a manifestation of our thoughts and emotions.

    If one believes people are inherently evil, it will be so.

    If one believes it is difficult to trade, it will be so.

    One's core beliefs influence their reality. If one wants to change their reality change your beliefs.

    When you're ready for change this book will assist.
  2. Kevmeister that is THE book that changed my life for the better.
    You're a brave man for posting that, thank you.
  3. Thanks

    I hope many individuals find this book as rewarding as I have.
  4. maxpi


    There is a lot of truth to that idea. I attend prayer meetings where we spend long hours ferreting out the lies that we believe, most from childhood.... our biggest laugh is about how much better the people around us are getting as we progress over the years... as you get free people will relate to you differently because the evil in them has no rights to bother the evil in you if it isn't there any more...