The Nasdaq and it's 200-day M.A.

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  1. Will the Nasdaq once again find resistance at it's 200-day M.A.?

  2. Investopedia: The "head-and-shoulders" pattern is believed to be one of the most reliable trend-reversal patterns.


    Does this resemble the bearish pattern?
  3. balda


    Market might stay in a range (S&P 1375-1425) for a while just to screw both bulls and bears.
  4. ...a few more tests? Then what?pS
  5. Weak futures. . .now what?

  6. Ok, well in the early going we get a 1.25% drop in the Dow and a 1.5% drop in both the Nasdaq and the Nasdaq 100.

    A quick "lop-off" from gains made last week in lightened trade.

    Since there has been no commentary on this "formation", I take it Investopedia has it nailed.

    So if the support/"neckline" is broken or about another 1.25% - 1.5% fall. . .we head for a Bear Market?

    I guess this site is mostly "scalpers" that are not interested in "swings" or general Market Direction. After all, T.A. and volume has no bearing on trades - just pure "price" action.

  7. Either ET members are very much like the "crowd" (in denial) or I am looking at this wrong:


    So people here would rather post about everything else - but this does seem like a possible staunch "reversal".
  8. Yep, that was a bit of a chomp on last weeks gains:


  9. [​IMG]

    Of course I'd be sorely remiss if I forgot the timely PPT!

  10. I'd post some pretty pictures, but I'll just say - are we having fun yet?

    Does anyone lend credence to this "reliable" bearish pattern?

    What is wrong with this website? I am actually having a conversation with myself. It seems you have to act severely dysfunctional just to "incite" responses to a thread discussion.

    Maybe I should've named the thread - "IT'S FOR SURE, GENTS, THE BEAR MARKET IS STARTING NOW!!!!"

    I am just curious is the right shoulder does indeed seem to be headed sharply lower - i.e. going into a Bear Market very soon.

    Please take a moment and post your views and experience.

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