The Narrowing of the US Tax Base....

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  1. Too true.

    That is the nature of government. Unfortunately, politicians have taken advantage of America's relative strength to usurp power. Of course, centralized power destroys the very people whose production supports the government. The Soviets sort of learned that the hard way.

    This country is done. Time to look for a new one.
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  2. Easy to expand the tax base,,,start taxing those entities that currently are NOT taxed,,non profits that pay there officers 6 figures or more, all the charitable trust, churches, the states can tax services currrently not taxed,,such as doctor visits,,medicine purchases, etc,,some states dont tax the purchase of food or clothes, the thinking is that its harder on the poor,,well if the USA falls to crap then they will have the hardest time of all so time to saddle up.
    Time to rethink charitable trust of all kinds, we allow them to sock funds away for centuries,,time to end this practice,,
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  3. No doubt, these are depressing times for freedom loving individuals. But even more depressing is how Libertarians and Conservatives seem to have absolutely no game plan in site for the next election.

    They need a big idea and that idea must unite independents with conservatives to take the country back. I believe that idea should be the FairTax. Our current tax system punishes achievment.

    The FairTax is the opposite. It encourages achievement and will create an economic powerhouse that no country will be able to compete with.
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  4. I'm for taxing all of the money generating real estate holdings that churches own. Apt bldgs, houses, businesses owned by a church, etc.
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  5. ..............................................................................

    Going in the right diirection....

    One must consider what rates will best position the US vs BRIC....
    After one reviews their tax takes, labor, etc.....
    Then one completes the competitive equation....
    Another category the US must largely eliminate is legal largesse....This is a very significant cost and business threat that BRIC does not have....

    One must understand that "less is more"....
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  6. Obama has been president for 6 months. What "Personal Freedoms" have you lost in the last 6 months?
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  7. Conservative and libertarian ideas (as opposed to the actions of congress and Bush for the first 6 years of his presidency) are to free people from serfdom to government so that they make achieve on their own for themselves - except for the small percentage of folks who are truly indigent.

    Obama is busy creating dependents. Once people become dependent, interest groups are created and they don't want the goodies to stop flowing. The young are too stupid and feel too entitled and the old are willing to rip everyone off so long as they are sent off into the sunset years in the style to which they have become accustomed (but can't necessarily pay for).

    No plan other than "we can give you more free candy than BamBam can" will work right now. This country has to crash and burn as it did in the 70's before people realize that Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Obama are helpless in bailing individuals out of their sink-holes and that these individuals are the only ones who can better their own lives. Unfortunately, the country was in much better shape in the 1970's and taxes could be lowered. This time, I think the whole country will become a giant socialist shit hole like the one I immigrated from.

    Shame. I loved America.
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  8. I get the feeling you're a shit trader. Successful people are forward looking.
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  9. OK - what "Personal Freedoms" are going to be taken away in the next 3 1/2 years? All I ask is that people who make statements be able to back them with fact. That applies no matter what party you are from or what your beliefs are. Otherwise its an opinion. I'm sick of people stating their opinions and expecting others to take them at face value without an iota of proof or supporting data.
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  10. The freedom to keep my earnings money and the freedom to choose my healthcare.

    I don't care what your opinion of my opinion is. Your opinion is no more fact than anyone else's. People are free to state their opinion without a long disclaimer. Get over yourself.
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