The Naked Truth

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  1. Cal students take it off to protest sweatshop labor

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    A group of University of California students say they won't wear university logo apparel made in overseas sweatshops - and Tuesday they proved it.

    A handful of students stripped for a protest and rally at UC Berkeley to call on UC administrators to adopt a policy that would ensure that logo apparel is produced in factories that respect workers' rights.

    ``The naked truth is that our Cal apparel is still made in sweatshops, but we have the power to create an alternative model for the global garment industry that rewards rather than punishes good factories,'' UC Berkeley senior Nina Rizzo said in a statement.

    United Students Against Sweatshops protest in various stages of undress in front of California Hall at UC Berkeley and ask that the university prohibit apparel from being made in sweatshops. (Nick Lammers - STAFF)
    The students, organized under a national group called United Students Against Sweatshops, have held previous protests at UC Berkeley - including one other in the buff - and rallied in front of the UC Office of the President in Oakland.

    The cited students include 13 from UC Berkeley, two from UC San Diego, two from UC Santa Cruz and one from UC Davis.

    UC Berkeley officials forwarded the students' demands to UC President Robert Dynes. UC officials have said their policies already prohibit the use of materials made by forced or indentured labor, but they are nonetheless reviewing the students' proposal. A committee studying the proposal is expected to make a recommendation next month.
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