The naked shorting of F and GM..........

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by flytiger, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Debt, reduced sales numbers, credit exposure ..also = data
  2. Exactly, a stock price doesn't make a company massively unprofitable.
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  4. Fine. borrow and deliver. Then, we'll talk. But I can id a lot of lousy companies. I just can't hammer the bid with overwhelming amounts of fake stock, and then get the taxpayers pick up the tab.

    Can you?
  5. You know, the 'thinking', and I use the term loosely, evidenced on these boards, is precisely what has gotten us into the mess we currently find ourselves.

    First, the backlash will make certain this can't happen for at least two more market cycles (that, and the fact there is very little left to steal).

    Second, if you younger guys are going to assimilate any leadership position, is this the mantra you will espouse? Whatever, as long as you dont' get caught?

    it truly is the low rung of the moral hierarchy. And it is way to prevalent. Let's see, when the DOJ starts locking up your heroes, that they look as large in your immature eyes.
  6. Hugh Hefner is getting busted you think?