The Najarian Brothers are Hare Krishna ?

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  1. What's with that hairdo ?
  2. I've often wondered if they both have some sort of chronic brain condition that requires frequent brain surgery..thus the head look. I mean don't these guys have any friends to tell them to fix they head.

    I remember meeting Dr. J on the floor of the CBOE in 1990. People were laughing at him then.
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    Would someone please send this non important thread to another place... we are here to talk about markets and trading..NOT HAIRSTYLES
  4. there going for the Steven Seagal look.
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    miami vice was big when they were in college - think glenn from the wedding singer
  6. john is a major league scammer so i doubt he has high karmic aspirations............
  7. who isn't a scammer?
  8. The man-ponies are necessary, totally necessary.
  9. I hate how greasy their hair is!
  10. any picture links for us non-US based dudes?

    A quick search reveled a follicularly challenged individual [read: Q-ball] with the given surname but no weird hairdo. Unless they have wigs.

    What - can't be funnier than Trump's weird-ass hairdo now can it?
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