The N.R.A.Protection Racket

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    Wonder what the few right-wing losers who post ad nauseum in this Forum will say about this guy's point of view.

    But, who Cares! The Republican party is going down the tubes unless they come into the 21st century. For example, it's always been interesting to me as an independent how the losers on here strongly support the right to bear all arms under the Constitution; but most likely also support the right-wing nut-jobs who do care at all about the Constitution's requirement of the separation of Church and State.

    Amazing to me {after seeing Lincoln last weekend} how this once honorable party became a party of the bigot and the hypocrite. Totally amazing.

    But then, the republicans are not their brother's keeper. No way! {unless of course, they get a big enough tax break}
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    Max E.

    You are about as much of an independent as MrBill is, its funny to watch how your commie view of the world is so shameful, and it has been such a complete and utter failure, that you guys cant even admit to your ideology, it appears Karl Marx started this trend of left wing denial, and radical left wing goofballs such as yourself have been towing the line ever since.

  3. So basically the op-ed he links is by a law professor who thinks the NRA should not be able to spend its members money to support candidates who protect gun rights. He thinks they are hurting the republican party, and the party should distance itself from them, particularly when they primary republicans who have gone soft on gun issues.

    Interestingly, he fails to note that quite a few democrats have enjoyed NRA support. John Dingell, for one. Harry Reid has also sucked up to them, although I don't recall if they supported him in his last election.

    The NRA is hardly the only interest group on DC. Take the AARP for example. Unlike the NRA, which supports its members' interests, the AARP is a far left group whose positions on some issues would horrify most of its members. It does oppose any reforms to medicare or SS with the same or greater fervor that the NRA brings to the game. There is a long list of unions, environmentalist extremists, animal rights wackos, etc who spend a lot of money pushing unpopular policies that please their members. None gets the flak the NRA does, for one obvious reason, they are liberal and support democrats.
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    I haven't seen it. Is that movie historically accurate? I mean truly accurate?
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    Say wha???

    There's right wing losers on this website???


    There's bigots and hypocrites in the RINO party???

    I'm shocked.:eek: