The Myths Of Stocks For The Long Run – Part VI

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  3. i did not have the patience to finish the lovely article which is what makes me a terrible trader so i do not know what the conclusion was

    but will like to mention one small thing:my father in 1994 bought 100 shares of HDFC bank a private bank in India in the original IPO he has asked for 1000 but only got 100 due to excess demand.
    today it is worth 800 times what he paid for
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    I already have significant long-term investments - the house and my occupational pension. Both are supported by a healthy UK economy. There is very little diversity here so I do not need to pile my cash into basically the same scheme, that's why I am short-term trading.
  5. that makes sense since we all have to sustain the short term so that we can enjoy the long term:there are bills to be paid-schools fees electricity grocery etc etc. needs must.