The myth of tort reform

Discussion in 'Politics' started by M Jared, Dec 18, 2009.

  1. M Jared

    M Jared

    We keep hearing the same line from Republicans,that tort reform is the answer for controlling health care costs

    Well Texas has the toughest tort reform laws in the country,250,000 max for non economic damages.Illinois also has tort reform laws although I don't know the max amount for damages

    Since Texas has the tort reform laws that repubs keeps asking for,shouldn't their premiums be lower ?Well they are not

    I got a few quick online quotes from Texas,ILL,Arizona and Florida for a 30 year old non smoking male with a 1000 -1500 ded.All the prices are similar although TX and ILL has the tort reform laws the repubs keep asking for

    Texas 227.00- 170.00-118.00





    ILL 200.00-159.00-125.00




  2. M Jared

    M Jared

    A few points

    Mal practice suits are less then 2 % of health care costs

    Repubs like to say the true cost is in Dr's practicing defensive medicine,Bull shit.All those unnecessary tests are profits for doctors who use fear of law suits to justify all those unnecessary tests.Does anybody really think Doctors want to give up those profits ?

    The best way to control costs is a public option

    Fed Ex and UPS prices aren't 3 xs what they currently are because the Post Office keeps them in line
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    ...equals mediocrity etc?
  4. yeah, all those tests are extra profits like extended warranties. idiotic
  5. Not like that gold-plated service you're currently getting from your insurance company. :)