the motley fool pumping a worthless stock?

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    not sure if you guys have seen this....

    my take: if you know anything about the energy density of fuels youll know that compressed at 250 bars natural gas contains less than 1/3 to energy density gas and less than 1/4 the energy density of diesel...

    that means gas would have to sell at 5.25 and diesel would have to be selling at 6.75 a gallon for this to even be worthwhile.. and even then at 4$ a gallon of diesel the energy in petroalgae (diesel made from algae) would be more cost effective than nat gas and is a renewable resource...

    not sure why the motley fool is pumping this garbage
  2. nursebee


    The fool is in the business of selling stuff.
  3. zdreg


    would you be good enough to post the name of this co. so we don't have to waste time watching the video?