The mother of all scams...

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  1. The recent leaked data on the trillions in overseas accounts could give this "libor" story a run for its money.

    Depends on whether the tax shelters were legal or not. After the journalists sort through this tax info., they should dump the entire database online, so people can search it for particular names, key words, etc.

    One good piece of info. already found in the leak - massive international financier Marc Rich was personally pardoned by President Clinton for illegal acts, because the Rich's did big fundraising for President Clinton.

    After the pardon, Mark's wife (Denise) then disavowed her U.S. citizenship for tax reasons. Denise has well over $100 million in overseas accounts which were the result of her husband's illegal activities..........

    Now THAT's how you game the system.
  2. How is the article in any way a "counterweight" to HFT?
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  4. Go figure.
  5. You're right, poor Average Joe who's losing one tic in slippage on his monthly trade to the hideous HFT traders... ;)