The Mother of All Blow off Tops...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dsq, Apr 18, 2007.

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    The only thing that is holding up this market is that the banks have finally started to rally.However be very careful in this way overbought mania induced 800pt rally.
    The fundamentals suck.Weak earnings+growth,tanking dollar-housing,record margin debt.Anybody see cfc?I generally dont play non dow stocks but this one is a major sell.
  2. From this point on never a down day. Lever up boys...

  3. awesome bro $$$
  4. This is so easy it should be illegal $$$$

    Do i take the Rolls or the Bentley tonight?
  5. Ever hear of a little humility?


  6. No, whats the symbol? Is it in play, LBO??
  7. What's not to like with free money. And the best part: It's all paid for by smart-ass shorts that get squeezed one by up no the way up!!!!!! Makes every $ on the long side double the fun!
  8. All I'm saying is that humility isn't such a bad thing rather than just bragging about how great you're doing in the market.
  9. markets will continue 2 go higher time 2 buy

    stupid losers fading the close again though

    There is no blowoff top either. I dunno where people get these ideas.
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    every thread on this site is pretty much a pissing match, isnt it
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