The most usable financial web site for EXPERIENCED trader?

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  2. Well...most sites for experienced traders are usually fee-based. said web site but not web site(s) I'm going to not name one but instead will name many because there are so many different types of traders with different needs...hopefully one or two of the below sites can be useful in one way or another.

    Further, I'll throw in a few sites I thought merit further clicking around regardless if its free, fee-based, for the experience or for the beginners.

    Note: Some sites below have pop-up ads either when you enter or exit...such I hate and dislike the fact they are copying a method of advertising that was created by porn-sites....

    However, the websites listed below still merits a peek (no pun intended). when you get to this on the trader psychology links on the left side...interesting thoughts by him.

    Trader Psychology in my opinion is arguably the most important factor that will determine if you'll succeed or fail in the markets.

    Not one singular website, not a trading system, not charting software, not who you broker with and not the market itself...but YOU.

    I've met in all my years of trading that traders fail because they do not understand how they are interacting with the markets... ignoring stops, ignoring or hesitating when trade signals appear, trading when there's no trade setups, jumping from one strategy to another with real money, unable to identify the specific criteria of their trade setups, panicking after a loss, overtrading, over-confidence, lack of confidence and failure to get a mentor when they continue to lose money (a mentor that's making money).

    Hopefully the above has caught someones attention...enough of the sermon...back to the website(s) :cool: for those that watch stock industry groups for research for searching specific topics at EliteTrader when you the download section because there are lots of freeware and shareware programs for downloading that can help make running your trading business a little easier. for the economic guy/gal or for those that like to use words like "I think the market...", "I hope the market...", ect. It use to be free...but now it's fee-based...worth it if your into heavy econ stuff. more econ stuff

    If I think of anything else before expiration of my editing priviledges...I'll post it.

    P.S. I have no affiliations, no associations with the above websites nor any hidden agendas in posting their links. It's just a plural list of the question: The most usable financial web site for EXPERIENCED trader?

    Nihaba Ashi
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    For bond traders, there is no equal to Stone & McCarthy. I could not trade without it.
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    very useful for those who feel more comfortable with German rather than English:
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