The most successful automated system in the world

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  1. Hi.
    I would like to know more about different automated traders.

    Have you ever met a successful automated system?

    Did you purchase or build one yourself?

    How profitable the automated system is?
    How much captial invested?
    What's the return rate?
    What's the max. drawdown & longest losing streak?

    What markets do this automated system trade?

    What's the general theme or tactic used by your automated system?
    (A brief description would be fine, like this is a trend-following system using moving averages to trade. Don't get me wrong that I'm to ask for your valuable work)

    Thanks for your valauble answer! :)

    PS: Don't get me wrong I'm looking for an automated system here. Definitely not! I'm just curious to know different automated traders in the world, and what they think in different issues.
  2. Does anyone know more about how the best automated systems around the world perform?
  3. I don't mean you any disrespect, but anyone with a system that good is not going to give it away or even give you a hint about it's methodology.
  4. Do you imply there's no resource outside which ever tells about the performance of the best automated system around?

    PS: Yes, just the performance! That's what I wish to know, but not others like methodology.
    Just curious to know. :)
  5. Best is a highly subjective term. But just to illustrate some of the level of performance, take an example, I know of one system that started with a little over $1.4M on Jan 1 of this year, and has generated about $10.8M of profits as of close of market friday, never had a drawdown more than $80k a day. No, not my system, if anyone is wondering.
  6. So it's about 7-fold for half year. If the return rate remains unchanged, it's going to be 14-fold a year (simple, NOT compounding).

    How about its total maximum drawdown within half year?

    Where do you hear about this system?

    I start to wonder why I need to manual trade so hard, in which an automated system can achieve what I achieve.
  7. The author (and operator) of the system is someone I know well, and we exchange ideas (we trade different markets, so the systems are not in conflict). And that's all I am willing to discuss, no information about the markets, strategies, of the system, since it is not my own.

    As I have indicated, the system has never had two losing days in a row (since Jan 1), so the maximum drawdown is around 80k (on the worst losing day), maybe 100k in the worst string of a few days, but that's not terribly important.
  8. That's perfectly fine.
    Just keep the markets, strategies, of the system in deep secret.

    It's amazing your friend's system has no 2-day losing streak and has a low drawdown. It's very hard to achieve even for a manual trader.

    After all thanks for your contributions.
  9. How many trades does the system
    average per day ?
  10. You made $10 million in profits this year and your posting in a chatroom?
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