The Most "Risky" & "Boring" Futures to Daytrade are...

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  1. The Most "Risky" & "Broing" Futures to Daytrade far as I see it...

    #1-NG-Natural Gas

    4.000 to 4.050 = $500

    #2-SI-Comex Silver

    30.000 to 30.100 = $500

    #3-CL-Crude Oil

    80.00 to 80.50 = $500

    #4-GC-Comex Gold

    1200.00 to 1205.00 = $500

    #5-TF-mini Russell 2000

    600.00 to 605.00 = $500

    Honorable Mention: 30 yr Bond, Globex Euro, Soybeans

    ZZZZZZZ hall of boredom: Eurodollar, 2 yr & 5 yr note, Corn and Globex British Pound because of small tick size ($6.25)

    Exotics from Overseas: DAX, Kospi, Hang Seng

    ...thoughts? comments? First time experiences trading any or these? Other contracts to bring to this discussion?
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    Have you ever traded "exotics from overseas" like DAX and HSI? They are not broing at all:cool:

    Your list is quite accurate in fact except BP moves a lot , small tick size means nothing, same thing for HO and RB.
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    4707 posts later and still the same stupid nonsense ... please kill yourself !
  4. The most boring poster...and the riskiest to pay attention on ignore. Sweet relief!
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  6. I did not put the DAX or HSI in the "boring" section...just "exotic"...I've traded the DAX...kinda like to stay with US products for all the obvious reasons...thanks for your input...
  7. Geez Inky, shortly after starting this thread you were told to 'kill yourself' and someone else put you on ignore.....maybe you should just stay down in chit chat? I don't think people like you up here :eek:
  8. this honest discussion thread to scores of other rambling putting people down, no cursing here and actually makes sense and is truthful...hmmm...
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    You are tough with Incy. This thread is not that stupid. And lately in a thread about calendar spread liquidity, he made an accurate observation that spreads were more liquid because it was moving less than outrights, which is just right. I think he is slowly improving ...LOL

    If you continue to insult him, we will lose him one day.
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