The Most Powerful Trader on Wall Street You've Never Heard Of

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    "Cohen expects to get the first call when an analyst upgrades or downgrades a stock, and if he doesn't, offenders have been known to get a tongue-lashing from SAC traders. "
  3. Cohen must be spitting nickles about now. Perhaps he wants to be 'recognized' for his genuis, but I doubt it unless he went insane. Any hedgie with a brain knows to keep a very low profile. Should anything happen to the market, people like traders, short sellers tend to get called before congress and sent to jail. Its a business which exists to make wealthy people weathier. Who would defend that? Any politician can demogouge that business to death with impunity. The hedge fund biz has few employees, relatively no lobby, few friends but is completely vulnerable to govt regulation.

    Paul Tudor Jones knows enough to keep his name out of the papers for that very reason. Try to google his name- next to nothing. He doesn't exist.
  4. I can just see these wilting I-bank types cringing before the SAC tongue lashing. The few contacts I've had with these people tells me they are the most shark like people you'll ever meet. The thought of them caving in before the SAC tongue lashing makes me laugh.
  5. yeah the article seems a bit off...

    the art of pushing mostly retail money around in order to make millions in profits annually doesn't really seem possible in this market...esp since most of that scared money has been harvested...

    are there enough bright traders around to fuel the SAC fund's profits like that?? maybe. it could explain the weaker returns SAC has seen this year, as more prop traders go bust...

    and i thought it was the specialist's job to take that money from the bright traders...??? they do a pretty good job of would explain the heavy reliance on pairs trading that bright uses, especially considering the fact that pairs are one place you can goose a specialist, since they can't trade anything but their one the bigger arbs won't go for the tiny profits that a pairs prop guy would...

    and i thought it was against the old SEC acts of the early '30's to have a pool of traders acting in concert to manipulate stock prices...??? of course, the SEC would be too goddamn stupid to figure it out anyway....
  6. i wonder if he uses ib for his trades.
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    He's still the best trader I've ever heard of.
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