The most POSITIVE thread on ET

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by TheBestGuruEver, Jul 8, 2009.

Do I really want to be Happy?

  1. Yes, but trolling is fun

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  2. Yes, but if i'm not happy they will pay

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  3. No, I just want money and not friends

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  4. Yes, and I might be upset if others are mean

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  5. Yes

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  6. Who cares, I always lie in stupid polls

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  1. Everyone to post after me is super nice, never trolls, and can spin anything in a super positive manner.

    Number of consecutive positive posts:



    If i sincerely smile, life just gets better.
  2. I think Janes is in all reality the best guru ever. The fact that he gave us a very profitable trade call and promises to show his real-time blotter for that truly is what elevates him head & shoulders above all those vile, nasty newsletter gurus he encourages us to seek P&L evidence from.

    It's a priviledge having him share such knowledge with us. Someone who commonly makes $40,000 monthly is just too modest, and an incredible asset to this forum. Most may have missed taking that first trade, but all are looking forward to many more ES and bonds trade calls coming soon.


    Did my part here too, Baron... as you posted :D