The most popular IB front-end

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  1. Tums


    What do you use for IB front-end?

    I use Bracket-trader, and all along I thought Bracket-Trader was the most popular. However it has only garnered 689 votes, and only a 4 star rating.

    Buttontrader tops the list at 2066 votes. (also a 4 star rating)

    Five star ratings (not including single votes) (7 votes) (3 votes) (3 votes)

    What do you use?
    What have you tried, but does not work for you?
    Any wish lists?
  2. NOTE that the link you gave is for Freelance tools and does not include commercial tools such as Medved QuoteTracker, Ensign, Sierra Chart, and others.

    I think I can safely claim the largest number of IB clients with QuoteTracker. However, that is a bit too broad. ButtonTrader would be considered a different type of software with sophisticated order management. You may want to narrow down your question to the particular type of IB front end that you are looking for.
  3. Dart


    I think you are asking about DOM IB front-ends, not charting software?

    I use Booktrader, from IB, for my trades. It's a little slower I think than others, but it works and costs nothing. I tweaked Booktrader a bit, it's not configured as default.
  4. I would certanly think Quotetracker is the most used charting with IB. Why is it not on the list? Buttontrader is the best of the execution platforms, imho.
  5. Ninja


    TWS - pure, simple, free and stable.

    I use QT for charting, but not as an front end to IB.

  6. The problem I had with Booktrader was remembering whether to right clik or left clik. This is not a problem when you have plenty of time but if your in a hurry this can be costly. Buttontrader will not allow you to put in a sell limit order beneath the bid or a buy limit above the ask but Booktrader will. I would really like to see IB add this safety feature.
  7. Bearbelly - QT is listed under Commercial Software.
  8. lwlee


    This is incorrect. Try Select Strategy. Use BkrTr.

  9. Not sure I understand what your saying. Are you saying Booktrader can be configured to do this, or Buttontrader can be configured to override the default?

    edit: I see now youre talking about Buttontrader. I do not want to disable this feature as it has saved me a lot of money.
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