The most liquid option market in the world

Discussion in 'Options' started by sugar, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. sugar


    Hello from Spain,
    I hope your apology, but my english is really very limited. It will become better, I expect.:D

    The question:
    In your opinion, which is the most liquid option market, and underlying, in the world?

    In Europe we have dax and eurostoxx index options that works pretty good.
    In USA I have some experience with mini-sp future options. It was satisfactory too.
    What about gold or crude oil options? And currencies futures options in the globex?

    I'll pay attention to your answers.:)

    Thank you.
  2. sugar


    Hi Osorico,
    thanks, I've found it useful. I'll look the Nymex's options after in the TWS.

    Actually I'm trading my system with index's options and maybe I'd win consistency diversifying with a kind of options with another logic in the volatility motion.