The Most Insightful Articles ABout Trading and Investing!

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  1. What are the most insightful articles you have ever read about trading and investing on the web? The type of articles that gave you the "ha ha" moment, a breakthrough in your thinking about trading/investing, or simply significantly reinforced something very important you already knew about investing/trading.
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    I can't even think of one book or article that has given me the "ah-ha" moment. It has come down to a great deal of hard work, backtesting and reflecting. I will say I have gotten more out of a 5 or 10 second thoughts shared to me by other traders on tidbits of advise they thrown my way. I think most of the really brilliant traders never write, they find little "niches" and keep it as it should be.

    Some of the best advise I have ever received has been to make a story all day long of why price is doing a move. Many times price will intentionally out to screw the little trader by hitting the stops. I remember long ago when it happened to me, was no laughing matter, but now, I laugh my head off at how many times during the day it happens in different markets.

    Another tidbit, indicators should not be used until you can just trade Price Action. Indicators are for experienced traders. Everybody reads book on indicators, and most lose using them, "ta-da", and most books don't far enough on to use them with Price action. Just cause some indicator is giving a signal, what is Price also doing?

    Long term wise, I have learned much from Jim Rogers books and articles, but no ah ha moments.
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    Why don't you just come out and admit you need help?
  4. +1, great comment.

  5. Newbies, archive this post and study it, it will help you.
  6. indicators are for trading size,essentially.
  7. The hardest thing for traders is learning to be stupid. They are fiercely independant and always think they have an edge or know something someone else doesn't know.

    When one of my daughters wanted to learn stock trading I told her, "Do as I say, not as I do.'

    1. Learn to be stupid.

    2. Just do what everybody else is doing.

    3. If something is going up buy it.

    4. If something is going down sell it.

    5. It takes very little brains to trade, use all your brainpower to manage your money.
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  8. Do books count?
  9. so buy high and sell low?
  10. That was back in the days of the SF stock exchange.

    Right now you should be long gold, long silver, long AAPL, long rough rice.

    But you can't do that because you are smart.
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