the most honest commodity mkt ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SethArb, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. gold ? sugar ? Nas e mini ? Corn ?

    comments please

    as to least slippage and least spoofing and spikes

    in the last yr appreciated

    ( gosh ... I just realized why they call it the futures market

    most specs will most likely lose money in the past present and future trying to battle the whales commercials and cta's
    in making a buck or euro in trading them

  2. by the way

    after watching and trading in a macro micro way the commodities

    the last yr more than ever

    A. I will no longer rant about the manipulation in silver

    ( it happens in all markets )

    B. I think the eminis are for those who want to say

    to their friends "I trade the futures markets"
    but who deep down have alot of respect for the
    commodity cowboys out there in macro land


    ps ... I suggest most of you "cowboys" stick to what makes money for you before you dabble in commodites
  3. By definition, it can't be a New York-based market. Nowadays, it's the 10-year note. Before electronic trading, customers felt they got the "best shake" in the 30-year bond. :cool: