The most expensive apartement in the world (London) : GBP 140 million...

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  1. It boasts a penthouse view over Central London, a private wine-tasting facility and an underground passage to a Heston Blumenthal restaurant.

    Throw in security measures a James Bond villain would be proud of and a ‘panic room’ in case things go wrong, and you would expect to pay a high price.

    But even estate agents could not contain their amazement yesterday as a London property was on the verge of being sold for £140million – making it the most expensive flat in the world.

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    Anybody believing in fiat currencies ? :D :cool:
  2. I had an idea that YOU are doing "well" but I didn't realize you are in the 9-figure leagues. :cool:
  3. Not yet, nazz. I am still working on "IT"...But it´s so far an excellent year. I can´t figure out the German Bund Future trades anymore. For the last 6 weeks I am stopped at b/e.

    But currencies and indices are fun... :)
  4. not the smartest investment!
    perhaps its more wise to generate 1% / month return from 140 mill gpb pocketing 1.4M and rent something like

    for a silly-tiny 18,000 euro /month ?

    anyway, when you are sitting on 10 billion, you don't give a sh...t
  5. ?'re fighting the trend from the "short side"? :eek: :(
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    detroit has the most expensive market
  7. Peripheral bond investor are buying bunds like "crazy"...:)
  8. drapes, platinum-leafed ceilings, cashmere paneled is quite decadent and sophisticated. Does it still have the blood stains and corpse outline from the guy who lived there previously? :cool: :(
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    That is very bad.
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