The most effective calculation point for a time stop...

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by RangeTrader, Jul 3, 2012.

  1. A time stop's starting point should be calculated from the engulfing reversal and/or the lowest low/highest high before the engulfing reversal.

    That is the best way to do it. No second guessing and makes for easy backtesting. I prefer engulfing reversal.

    That is if you don't have the gut instinct to just do it by feel... Which is the better way IMO.
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    Problem with ''gut feel'', that really doesnt help without much experience.And there are a few markets, in which i have done well, for many years ;
    but my'' gut feel'' tries to get me out weeks or months ahead of the trend end.

    Moving averages, quarterly candle charts[meaning 30 or 40 candles per 10 years/+.......]. are much moore helpful to me than any kind of ''gut feel'':cool: Lots less comissions/slippage help much, also.........................

    Wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool: