The most distant black hole in space to be named AIGBACC

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    That is interesting.

    If you are interested in this sort of thing, you may want to look into WR104:

    WR stands for Wolf-Raye

    When this star supernovae, it may create a gamma ray burst, the most potent known energy output in the Universe,

    depending on whether WR104 has enough rotational horsepower to create the jets.

    Even though WR104 is 8000 light years from earth, because WR104 axis is aimed almost directly at earth, the GRB could devistate [a large part of] the ozone layer, causing possible mass extinctions on earth.

    Eta Carinae is also a WR star, but it's access is not aligned with earth:

    Betelgeuse is also a WR star, but again fortunately it is not aligned with earth:

    Perhaps most ironically, WR104 is in the Sagittarius constellation. Sagittarius stands for archer in greek. Could the ancients have been warning us?
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    I just got the joke. :D :D
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    Actually call it the "BACCAIG Black Hole" and it almost is pronounceable! :)

    That's 800 billion miles from the FRAMWIDE[1] Nebula that consists of dying stars unable to sustain their energy consumption.

    In related news, the Moziloff aliens were caught and properly prosecuted. ;)

    [1] Freddie/Frannie-AMBAC-Countrywide