The most depressing graduation speech ever. Compliments of Al "full of hot air" Gore

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello, May 25, 2010.

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    Laughed pretty hard when i saw this. :) Al Gore decides to use a university commencement speech, as his platform for pitching global warming. Someone should tell him he needs to quit talking, the hot air coming out of his mouth when he speaks is probably the real cause of global warming.

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    Has anyone seen the southpark episodes with Al Gore?? Laughed my ass off at some of the episodes with him, too bad i cant find any of the good ones on youtube. I cant help but think of those when i realise this dipshit is going in and making comencement speeches about global warming.

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  3. LOL ...

    Gore will hold a special place in history.

    Like Crapper, the dude who invented the toilet.

    (Although, Crapper has been wrongfully maligned for all these years. Gore, on the other hand, is unlikely to get such historical sympathy)
  4. Hello


    Your analogy is very fitting since they are both full of shit. :)


  5. Crapper deserves our respect, he contained shit ..... Gore, on the other hand produced loads of it.

    Unfortunately, as I see things playing out, Crapper willl be long asssociated with shit, and unless people really get wise, Gore will be
    associated with something far better then he deserves.
  6. Gored

    It should become part of our lexicon for centuries to come
  7. bottom line...

    nothing would please me more then the name "GORE" becoming synonymous with shit
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    LOL they could make it a television series similar to the MTV show Punk'd except the way this show would work is as follows:

    Instead of a bunch of people playing a scam on a dumb ass celebrity, they film Al Gore laughing in the background as a bunch of Gore cronies roll up to the office of a high ranking executive in a fortune 500 company with hidden cameras, and convince the guy to sign a contract to buy carbon credits for his business, then after the executive mortgages the future of his company, Gore can fly into the city, and roll up with an entourage of 15 SUV's, with the Air conditioning on, to the front office of the company and walk into the executives office and proclaim, "YOU JUST GOT GORED!!!

    I wonder if after it is all over the executives would admit they got Gored just like on the show punk'd.... Picture it, Im steve Jobs and i just got GORED!!! As he strokes a cheque out for a billion dollars from AAPL, and Al Gore is giggling in the background. I swear people would watch it!!

    :) LOL!!!

  9. Hello


    Just checked on Urban Dictionary, though i dont think their definitions aptly describe the act of being GORED, so we may have to redefine it.

    1.) GORED
    To have one's hypocrisy exposed.
    Al was gored when the power consumption of his mansion was released in the media.

    2.) GORED
    1) The act of being 'run-through by a cow or any other 'horned' animal.
    2) The act of speaking to Al Gore for long periods of time without dying of hearing the florida elections over and over.
    1) Ow he got run-through by that cow.

    3.) GORED
    The result of being force fed Global Warming, while the world experiences historically low temperatures. See "Taken advantage of" and "Revoke Freedoms"
    Erin sold her snowblower last year, after a few years of little to no use. Little did she know that she was Gored in the winter of 2008.
  10. Ricter


    "Historically low temperatures," lol.
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