The Most Corrupt Members In Congress

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  1. This report at Beyond was created and released by CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington .
    My commentary:

    Irresponsible ethics and corruption goes way beyond partisanship. Both sides of the isle are betraying Americans.

    Let it be known that I, personally, am against all bastards regardless of political affiliation.

    IMO, the heart of all problems in Washington, stems from the overwhelming influence from Special Interest Groups and Corporate America.

    We need to push for public campaign financing (in what ever form that is fair) for the root of the corruption to end.

    We need to get Congress, to once again, represent the people.
  2. We need term limits as well.
  3. And a law that forbids lobbying except on the floor of the congress and while its in session.
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    You got my vote for it.
  5. Most of the 94 class Republicans who pledged term limits (12 years) renaged and are running for re-elections this year. They are betting on voters not remembering their pledges. And I'm afraid that they're right - I doubt many of them will be voted out.
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    This government we have, no longer works. (Hasn't for a long time.)
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    The corruption of Congress is caused by long-standing voter apathy. Too many people take the path of least resistance and stay home and not vote because they are convinced the “whole system sucks.” That’s why opportunistic minority interests rule the day, ranging from corporations, to tree huggers, to gay political groups, to elements of foreign infiltration --like the Council for American Islamic Relations.

    Let’s work with what we have now and vote from the heart this November. Yes, there are a lot of long term problems, but don’t think these problems will go away by staying home and never voting.

    By the way, America doesn’t have ten billion different political parties, unlike many stupid democracies around the world. In essence, we have only two. Vote for the better of the two in November.
  8. Get real. This is a leftwing attack group. The group of corrupt pol's is, big surprise, all republicans except for two token dem's who are under prosecution.
  9. As I said I'm against all bastards. Blue.. Red.. Donkey.. Elephant..

    Actually Murtha's on there too. That ought to cheer you up a little anyway.

    To be honest, I'm surprised Ted Stevens isn't on there as well.

    Name and reference some of the democrat bastards who didn't make the list. Thanks.
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    I think you know KT that I ran for Congress in 2004. As a Republican in my lifelong district that has the demographics of San Francisco. The Congressman I ran against just saw her husband plead guilty to bank fraud. She co-signed questionable tax returns with him. Stuff like that is so TAME by Chicago standards that it barely made a ripple. Down here in Fla Rep. Hastings a black Dem sits in the House after being impeached as a Federal Judge!!! He too somehow didn't make the list. Or Raum Emanuel who made $14,000,000 in the four years between his job in the Clinton admin and being in the House. Those are just guys that I KNOW about! I don't expect you to take my word for it but I'd say Democrat corruption runs about 3-1 over Republican corruption. I'd guess if we had a list of EVERY Congressman who went up the River that my odds would be odds on.
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