The Most Bizzare Human Experiment No One has Ever Done

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  1. Here's THE Thing.

    I have never heard of any case of white man turning into black / negro in his lifetime.

    When I say white man, i mean somebody like:

    When I say black man, i mean really f_ckin black, like:

    There are cases of blacks turning white.
    Most famous: Michael Jackson. Due to disorder called vitiligo.

    My personal experience shows that I'm able to turn from purely white to light/mid brown during about 1 month of sunbathing in Southern Europe.
    I've never experienced more tanning than this.

    Is there a possibility to change color from light brown to DARK brown in another month under more powerful sun? Let's say in Pakistan, India or Saudi Arabia?

    And move from there, dark brown into BLACK during another month in central Africa?

    I'm super curious to try it, since I tell you folks - I have never seen anybody in the whole world who had done this. Even american soldiers in Iraq, they obviously do not lay out in the Sun naked in times of invasion :D
  2. Lucrum


    DT-waw, what's your favorite recreational drug?
  3. Not sure of this thread its all in fun , I will post in a thoughtful response.

    Spray tan is easier and safer, and may be more effective to achieve this color.
    But that is not what you are trying to attempt here
    I'm a big fan of the beach and I have not seen a caucasian get a solid darkness you mention.
    My personal take...
    I have seen really dark caucasian, yet there is still a red look to the darkened skin so it does not look the same. Iow even when dark, after more sun exposure, the skin looks slightly sunburned although dark.
    Also the sun damaged skin may highlight wrinkles that tend to stay lighter in the crease ( probably more so for a smoker ) which would take away from the continuity of the skin color.
    It seems difficult to achieve, my post is nothing more than my view.

  4. Taking large doses of medication designed for vitiligo patients and lying under a sun lamp, Griffin darkened his natural skin to a dark brown tanned base, which was then covered with stains on his face, legs and hands in order to investigate racial segregation in the south. He wrote the non-fiction book Black Like Me about his experiences

    Black Like Me is a nonfiction book by journalist John Howard Griffin first published in 1961. Griffin was a white native of Dallas, Texas and the book describes his six-week experience travelling on Greyhound buses (occasionally hitchhiking) throughout the racially segregated states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia passing as a black man.
  5. thanks chitout,
    thats exactly the information i was looking for.

    this story kind of proves, that such change is possible.

    yeah whites will have a difficult time to tan darker than light brown, esp. if tanning only lasts for few days or 2 weeks.
    however, over time the body adapts amazingly-- if it is under enough stress/trigger.
  6. my fav r. drug?
    red wine.
    has a lot of pigment resveratrol!

    the most healthy foods always have the most pigment:
    black pepper, chlorella, cinnamon, turmeric, blueberries, black currants.

    by the same rule, the more color in hue-man, the more healthy it can be.