The most advertised "Recovery" ever...

Discussion in 'Economics' started by maxxy, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. maxxy


    In 1997, did CNBC and Bloomberg come out to announce that it was time to get into tech stocks. In 2000, did any of the reporters come out to say that the market topped and it was time to sell? What about in 2002 or 2007? When did the news networks or government accurately portray what was really going on?

    My point is that this has been the most advertised "recovery" in history...does anyone here really believe it?
  2. No.

    The only thing green shooting anywhere is toxic waste being shot from the Fed. There's a difference between a recovery and a slower slide into stagnation. But, you've long known that reporters are incredibly stupid, haven't you?
  3. not only to people on the is not 'gettin' wise

    I think whats even more HYPED than the recovery and green the idea that INFLATION is everywhere

    this FEAR of Inflation or HYPER-INFLATION everyone is talking bout is the same as the talk of recovery...just talk

    take a look around.... cheaper
    stocks, businesses, real estate, cars, computers

    ok..if food is a little higher and gas...big deal..what %age of your monthly bills is based on that

    Even RENTAL prices in NYC, MIAMI, LA are coming down with NYC buildings offering 1 or 2 months free rent, no broker fee and/or straight up rent reductions...i know MANY people whose rents are goin down.....

    I NEVER heard inflation talk during hte ASSET BUBBLE of 02-06 and find it hilarious to hear about it as everything has been cut in half trying to filll the gapping hole the "loss" of wealth

    Read about Japan's lost decade...granted they never had a reserve currency...but the steps leading and continuing are eerily similar
  4. clacy


    I agree. My feelings are that we have seen the bottom, or will in the near future (1 year), but any significant growth could be years away.

    I happen to think that we'll see very slow to no growth for the next several years.