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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by CyborgTrading, Oct 30, 2009.

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  2. This is a pretty impressive add-on.
    However, I was unable to find anything on the cyborg website regarding it's internal workings. How does it work ? Does it use a DLL interface ? How does it trap and/or transmit the buy/sell orders that are fired from the underlying platform ?
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    Cyborg gets it's market data and submits all trades directly through the front end trading platform that it is connected to. This makes it really easy for people to use Cyborg because there is no need to switch platforms. We communicate with your current trading platform through the API (application programming interface).

    Cyborg is highly optimized for high-frequency trading. For example, on the Sterling Trader Pro platform we are able to process over 5,000 events/second. This allows Cyborg to see every single depth and volume event that passes through your front end platform on dozens of products at once.

    Hope that answers your questions.
  4. thanks....but this indicates the order entry platform you link to must have an api, correct ?
    Platforms like ThinkorSwim do not qualify.
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    yea exactly. The platform must have an open API.
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    are there plans for IB or Lightspeed?
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    Yes, IB will be our next platform...expect a beta out within a couple of months. Unfortunately, lightspeed does not have an API that we can connect we will not be supporting their platform.
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    Excellent and strategic choice to support IB. I think it will be very beneficial to the popularity of your product.

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  9. It's been a few months...any update on when the IB beta is coming out?
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    same question here...

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