The Morse Code for Dealing with Market Makers and Specialists

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  1. How to best deal with Market Makers and Specialists via the trading platform?
    Ie. I think there are some "morse codes" there, aren't?
    I'm sure the MM sends me such codes but I don't know how to interpret them.
    I think they use the fields BidSize and AskSize...
  2. Yes, pay attention to how often they "flash". The secret really lies in interpreting their sequential moves up/down & for how long they remain in "pause". Better brush up on morse code first, though!
  3. ..---..-.-.---...---..--.-.-.---.-.---.-.-.-.-.-....--.-.-..--..-.-.-.-.-.-.--...-..-.--.-.-.-.-..--.--.-.-..-.--....--.-.-.-..-.-.-.-...--

  4. try this, Its what all the market makers are using
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  8. The code changes every day.

    It's not meant to be used by turkeys.

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