The moron sitting on top of ECB

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    Thinking the same. Fits exactly scenario one German author(forgot the name) was talking about. For European elites it's politics not economics game they are playing. Isn't EURO political creation first of all??
    Gnome you would be right if idiot Crichet kept his stupid mouth shut.
    Now I am really curious if they indeed raise those rates.
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  2. Quote from gnome:

    You guys are NUTS! The ECB is the only one with half a brain.

    The world's central banks have been running the money pump like there was no tomorrow... creating inflation like crazy. All the banks need to raise rates and reign-in credit... lest we all perish in an inflationary inferno.

    second that
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  3. I agree the only central bank holding the line with its policy mandate is the ECB. The f'king FED is a nothing more than a private bank that has flooded the globe with liquidity and created the f'king commodity bubble itself - it has given up on inflation. Rule 1 save and help it's private bank owners. Rule 2 stuff the public. Damn FED should be abolished.
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  4. Yeah! Where's the next Andrew Jackson?... he has never been needed more than today. (Even a new Paul Volker would be a start.) :mad:
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  5. We'll gladly trade Bernanke for Trichet.

    We'll even throw in a first round draft pick.

    If rate cuts don't spur growth, and stoke prices, you might as well take a shot at fighting inflation and helping consumer purchasing power out.

    And you reward savers at the same time. You're getting what?...1.7% on the 2 year treasury here, and you're getting close to or over 6% in Europe.
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  6. The US is inflating the emerging countries out of buying power to help offset the current account deficit in the long run. Since they stopped re-cycling their dollars into the financial account and started buying commodities, they are being spanked. The Eurozone knows this, so they are holding the line.
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    F the FED, ECB is right on, even if I hate Europe itself.

    Bernanke is Bush's pick, so you just know nothing good will become of him.
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    I applaud the ECB! Sorry folks life is not always lived at Disney Land.

    Short-term pain for long-term gain.
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