The moron sitting on top of ECB

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  1. These guys are absolute imbessals.

    They tanked the greenback by saying the ECB is concidering raising rates next month to fight inflation.

    Greenback tanks.... Commodities shoot sky high thus more inflationary worries.

    Thats the pattern, why the ECB doesn't see that is beyong me.

    Never mind that their economies are slowing down so they should really cut rates to push growth in the GDP.. and by the euro falling.. greenback rising .. the OIL and all other commodities will fall .

    Idiot europeans. All the problems this world ever has to deal with is from these tight pants wearing ... twink looking mofos!
  2. I concur :)
  3. You guys are NUTS! The ECB is the only one with half a brain.

    The world's central banks have been running the money pump like there was no tomorrow... creating inflation like crazy. All the banks need to raise rates and reign-in credit... lest we all perish in an inflationary inferno.
  4. 1% growth is good enough for them. They are super paranoid about inflation. have been since the 30's.
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    man you gotta love ET and the media. OIL rises the most on record while israel is threating nuclear war with iran during a tight oil market and YET somehow it all gets blamed on the weakness of the dollar which went down less than 1% today
  6. The world population is growing at about 2% per year. So, real GDP should grow at 2% also. No need for money supply to grow at >2% unless someone wants to steal someone else's buying power and assets. This "money-pump" on steroids will destroy the world financial system unless somebody with BALLS puts a stop to it.
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    somebody call Chuck Norris
  8. Chuck Norris for Fed Chariman. Hell, EMPEROR!!
  9. Let me guess you are short the EUR?

    First of all, they didnt tank the dollar, the fed had been doing that for a while. They just pushed the euro higher. I personally think the EUR is overvalued but thats not gonna stop big players from overbuying on the news to push long term shorties out. However, I think this will be the last push but probably the most aggressive from what I have been seeing.
  10. Agree!
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