The more they oppose $15-$30B, the more obvious $350B vanished

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    Nice that the Republicans rediscovered capitalism.

    But they are going to start a class-war by forgetting about financial company oversight.

    I watched Krauthammer defend the financials, calling them "utilities" that are necessary for the basic functioning of the economy.

    Since when do "utilities" pay their execs the way these guys are paid. Talk about a lame argument...
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    Only until they get some power. Then it'll be back to the same old republicans who'd rather be democrat-lite. :(

    Naw. Banks will eventually turn into utilities with typical government oversight, and the execs will not make the big bucks any more. Can't happen overnight, but we're on that road.

    Given that we've decided banks can be "too big to fail" meaning taxpayers (being ripe sucks) must cover their losses - well I guess I support that. I'd rather have free market banks that took it in the shorts when they messed up and made money when they did well. But that doesn't seem to be what the country wants.
  3. "The country wants..."? Don't you mean what "a small number of self-serving, lying, thieving assholes in Washington" want?
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    I think you have written the definition of 'Government' for the next edition of Websters. To use any other definition would be innacurate. I hope Websters do not compromise their integrity by using any other definition including words like 'representation' or 'people' etc.
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    many...bloodsucking parasites
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    Nope. Just wait. They'll make "rebate" checks an annual event and the pleebs will stop bitching.

    People are extra retarded when it comes to money. Just look at all the dolts who think it's awesome when they get money back on their income taxes.
  7. The country wanted the initial bank bailout voted down by a margin of 10/1. The scum in D.C. voted for it anyway.
    I'd imagine if you told the "country" the truth about what's coming when the big 3 go down, they'd say give them the money. The people aren't getting the truth. Example: Autoworkers make 70 bucks an hour. Who wouldn't say fuck you to that?
  8. I'm so sick about hearnig about exec pay. No one talks about companies selling CDS's out the ass without ever putting aside capital to cover them. It must be the fact that the CEO makes 10 million that's the problem...

    No one talks about companies making piece of shit products (cars) that no-one wants (relatively) for decades, and making ridiculous labor decisions. The problem with these companies must be that their CEO makes 10 million.

    Nothing against the original poster, just venting about all the retards that blanket the airwaves about CEO pay instead of the actual problems.
  9. Other country's CEOs don't get paid that much, american CEOs in the 70s weren't paid that much, it is a real problem and reflective of the times! Now the stats are around 400-500 times their average employee, with such benefits why care beyond the next 5 years?