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    TrendSignal financial software could bring you the share trading profits you have been looking for. Why? Because it is a trading software package built by experienced full time traders in futures, financial spread bets and all forms of share trading. Trading is hard work unless you have an edge. Professional traders know this. The trading edge you could have is TrendSignal trading software. With our trading decision support system you can start making money by spending just a few minutes a day reviewing the charts that the TrendSignal software produces. Easy to use and PROFITABLE. The TrendSignal financial software package helps you find the trades easily
    In TrendSignal there are NO drawing of lines by hand.

    In TrendSignal there are NO complex calculations to make.

    In TrendSignal EVERYTHING you see below is automatic.

    The "buy sniper" and "sell sniper" signals shown below are fully automatic. They give you an indication that a trade which has a high probability of making money is occurring.

    You remain in control though but have a simple decision to make - to trade or not to trade?
    Trading Techniques
    TrendSignal trading software is about finding and trading the market trend - whatever your timeframe. It is used by professional fund managers. If you work full time then day trading is probably not for you - no problem. Trendsignal software has an "end of day trader" mode. If you are a day trader, then just decide what timeframe you want to monitor and away you go.
    TrendSignal software is a decision support system designed and used by real traders for financial spread betting, futures trading, cfds and all types of share trading. People that trade for a living, and have done for the last 15 years. Traders that are not selling dreams but the reality of what becoming a trader is all about.
    We trade in a very simple way using the same trading software we sell. We do not have a "hidden secret", we do not have a "new, undiscovered technique". In fact, take a tip - beware of people selling you "secrets of the market" and "magic formulas".
    These "get rich quick" products just simply do not work (and if they did - who would sell them?). We leave the "5 minutes a day" nonsense to people that have never traded.
    Each trade is taken according to some simple rules..
    You remain in control at all times. You decide when to trade. You pull the trigger. You are the trader, not the computer. You will have losing trades, but providing you control your risk these are acceptable. Losing is part of trading
    Finally the TrendSignal financial software product includes specific money management parameters which should be followed all the time. It is often in trading said "making money is easy - hanging on to it is the hard bit".
    We have spent many years preparing our product for the market. We are prepared to sell only a limited number of copies of the system as we feel that this will preserve the integrity of the system and allow the chosen purchasers to belong to an elite club of share traders and financial spread betters. The individuals that purchase our system will be people that want and desire the best for themselves in all aspects of their life - including trading. They will recognize that they need an edge to win consistently at trading, and that the edge they need is within this system.
    This product is about giving you the edge you need to make yourself profitable. It works on all timeframes (both daily and intra-day). It works on stock,forex, indexes and commodities - anything that is "liquid". To see the latest version in depth please contact us at Please use Code SN2008 in your message.
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    "We are prepared to sell only a limited number of copies of the system as we feel that this will preserve the integrity of the system " Oh please.............. You really must have a low opinion of customers. Yup we are just waiting to be fleeced.
  3. So he pays Baron to post this here, right?
  4. No free adverstising fuck off or pay up
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    I assure you everything looks good in hindsigth.

    They're using ensign which has been so flamed here lately.

    they're selling what??? limited copies to preserve the integrity...oh boy

  6. LOL, the ET hounds have been loosed. :p

    Too funny.

    To the OP, you can't just advertise your video game software here, you have to get permission before you can start fleecing the nOObs.

    Good luck.