The Money Supply

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Who controls the money supply

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  1. Let congress control the money supply

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  2. Let the Fed keep control

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  1. How would you like for the democratice party to control the money supply?
  2. Daal


    Lots critize the fed but imagine what the US congress would do if they controlled the dollar printing. Sociliazed healthcare financed by open market operations..
  3. I'd leave this great country if congress got control of the money supply.

    Any knucklehead can get elected to least the Fed governors understand economics and the banking system (even if they are less than perfect in their decisions).
  4. bellman


    Is there not a third option??
  5. clacy


    Is this a serious question?

    I can't think of many things that would kill this country faster than Frank, Pelosi and Reid controlling the spigot.
  6. The constitution has given Congress the power to do and regulate money
  7. I'm amazed there are people that have this line of thinking.

    Has the Fed even ONCE curbed the US govenment's borrowing capacity? NO. So how would it be any different if the US government printed money?

    Only difference would be that no interest would have to be paid on the currency.
  8. Can we have a mix of both? The government control the money supply, freeing the taxpayer from the back-breaking debt and in turn they can appoint their men with the relevant expertise. Throw in a fully transparent, open to public view, set of books and I'd be very happy.
  9. C, Privatize money.
  10. The Fed is the fourth (and most powerful) branch of the US government, especially since there is no balance of checks.

    Thank god it actually is a meritocracy.
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