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  1. In the 20th century, money became more important than the people in America. In the next century, money will become more important than the laws that are passed by elected officials. They will owe their elections to corporations financing their campaigns. The big money will put itself in a position of total authority. The process of legislative democracy, already a sham, will become more and more like a professional wrestling match where it's all for show and the result has already been determined. Corps, through small print in trade agreements, will seek to replace the laws of nations with the decision of international councils. This will put them in a position where they don't have to follow the laws of many countries and will not have to pay the money from lawsuits that they lose to individuals, effectively placing them above the law.

  2. Banks, including the Federal Reserve Board deliberately created the inflation of the late 70's, early 80's. President Ford was wearing "WIN" - whip inflation now - buttons. Home prices spiked as much as 400-800%. When President Carter was elected the Federal Reserve Board spiked interests rates down, throwing gas on the fire. When inflation came down, the prices didn't. Pay never went up anywhere near as much as prices did. Carter took the fall, along with a populace more deeply indebted...mortgaged to the hilt.

  3. That's not what the information in these links means.

    There's nothing wrong with money. Witness the effect of Colonial scrip before the Revolutionary War.

    On the other hand, there is nothing spiritual about it either. Many seek it through what they think of as spiritual means and make it a god as much as those materialists responding to advertising.

    A capitalistic society allows people freedom to seek the truth, and those who sincerely seek the truth cannot help but to find it. And those who seek God first will find Him first.

    The "rowing" of economic waters by the money masters makes it more challenging to seek and find the truth as the populace becomes slaves to time. Finding the truth means freedom for those who experience a world between Heaven and earth where all needs are taken care of by miracles.

    But the money masters are symbolic of diabolical designs at deeper levels of the corporate repressed mind...that is, the universal subconscious mind. The ego stands to gain not only from wars, but from natural disasters - so called "acts of god" - to tighten it's grip on the populace.

    I teach that these are symbols, and that the money masters symbolize the corporate ego. They are symptoms of something hidden underneath the surface of your awareness...that you avoid looking at. The ego's m.o. is parable to the money changers.

    I never drove money changers out of the temple - per se - because that is not the way it works. I cure at the "cause" level, so that effects follow. This is the way to "turn the tables". Instead, I drove the ego out of the temple of my own mind by accepting only truth. Both this story, and the story of my temptation were parables of this truth: each must accomplish the transcendence of the ego. This is what I meant when I said, "Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world". I did it, so can you.

    These videos parallel the purging process at the projected - physical -level. And just as there are correct solutions on the projected level, there are correct solutions at the mind level. Each involves looking at what is in the dark, and "turning the tables" on it using the same tools it uses to enslave.

    Although the tables can be turned, they must first be turned in the mind, for that is where it happens first. That these videos are circulated shows that already, some parts of the populace are beginning to turn the tables on the ego...and this is the effect.

    The ego's m.o. is to deal in "guilt", and thereby keep you "in debt" for it's own gain. Guilt is made by "fiat". It is completely made-up phoney-money. The ego stages many incidents - insults, wars, natural disasters - that you may borrow time in favor of holding grievances. This keeps it's counterfeits circulating. As you hold them, they hold you. You free yourself by giving the gift of innocence to everyone, releasing them from the debt of guilt. Their release is your release. This is the way to "turn the tables". The ego lives on borrowed time, and so do it's debt instruments: bodies. You literally shorten time by forgiving the past and future so that you move toward the eternal now where you are always innocent. Bodies exist only in time - past, future - but are invisible in the now.

    Similarly, the instruments of deception the ego uses to enslave you can be used to overturn it: the body, faith, perception and projection, time. The bonds the ego sells you are bodies. You really don't want them. Bodies can only make wages set by a cruel task-master. They are the "proof" of guilt held in reserve. Faith invested in your identity as spirit allows you to capitalize and consolidate power. Seeing yourselves as innocent, you see clearly, and project that innocence upon the world you see.

    You write your own "scrip" when you exchange forgiveness - communicating innocence - freely amongst yourselves. Prosperity follows as effect. This is how you change the "script" the ego has written for you. The ego's script depends on you holding grievances. Forgiveness is not only off the script, it's "off the map", for it leads you to Heaven.

    Now the problem is solved. The problem was separation. The solution is wholeness.

    Everyone in a body has - like Woodrow Wilson who - sold out to the ego's tutelage only to later regret it. For the ego will change your innocence into guilt via deception and false promises. Innocence is your gold. The ego would have you turn it in that it may steal it, leaving you holding an empty bag - a body. All this has been done at deep levels of the corporate mind and merely plays itself out in front of your "eyes".

    What you are seeing is what you are believing. Believe it no more. Believe it or not.

  4. gold money is as evil as paper money if issued by a fractional private bank. siver would be ok, because it is harder to control, but nothing beats paper bills issued and backcked by the state. government can issue bonds..why not bills...what's the bloody difference. how many of u watched the whole movie by the way?
  5. yes, we dont need to get kick them out or eliminate them. the state must take control of its own currency circulation and the laws regulating it. if new money is issued by the govt and old ones slowly called in the whole system will slowly be replaced, increasing reserves in the meantime, so the money changers would be cornered anyways. why are we allowing filthy rich foreigners to steal our wealth by issuing 10 times more money that the reserves speak of and charging 5% a year on the debt: they earn a stunning 50% per year and we bloody pay of it, in devaluation! this is why the dollar is spiraling out of control, from issuing debt derived from money created out of thin air . the problem is so massive though and the corruption and ability to corrupt is so staggering to make it an incredible task...and the general ignorance and negligence of our leaders and congressmen on the issue certainly doesn't help. the money changers pests have the goal of taking over the whole world and enslave the population: the middle class especially is a threat to them...that's why they funded and keep funding socialist ideologies like communism and fascism. we are doomed if we dont get rid of this cancer, we'll found ourselves deprived of our money, of our proprieties and of everything of value in the land we conquered and live in. the money changers virulent take over has its eyes on the whole world and control already most of it, this is far from being an american issue and far from being a negligible is the source of all our suffering.
  6. You be drinkin from the gold bug koolaid punch bowl...

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    The funny thing is, that this anti fed cool aid is beginning to look tasty.

    I can not believe they allowed such loose lending during the last leg of the bubble when they should have been tightening and now they are tightening to create a further drop.

    Just what the cool aid drinkers predicted.
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    I have not watched the movie, but it mystifies me as to why anyone would think the gov't would do a better job of managing the money supply than our fed does. I look at what congress does in passing laws and it would make me cringe to think they were in control of how much money is printed.

    Maybe if I watched the movie I would see the light? :)
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