The Money Masters

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    Insults from a close-minded person to make them feel better. It's such an imbecile way to put asside anything too challenging to consider.
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  2. now as regards how the Fed works, as well as other modern independent central banks, i know its a big leap of faith for people who are unfamiliar with those institutions (by nature, 95-99% of the population) and how they deal with the banking system, money supply management and their relationships with Gvt / the political class, but basically you have people of extraordinary integrity there... and as much transparency and openness as they can afford to offer (i know, why M3 discontinued, j.williams shadow statistics etc, but thats all bollox and non-issues and been 'discussed' in other threads)... problem is, finance (the financial landscape) in the 21st century is radically different from finance in the 80's... not saying its better, but its vastly different... and most of the conspiracy theorists simply haven't caught up with the times...

    gotta run, s.o.'s birthday party to prepare... cheers
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  4. That's really the bottom line huh? Regardless of what type of government you have, democracy, oligarchy, communist, dictatorship, it's the same structure. Just a small group controlling the massses and profiting obscenely from them. :)

    I don't have the numbers, perhaps someone with an accurate reference can post what percentage of all assets are owned by the small minority in the U.S.?
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  5. Whatever you wanna believe.
    I honestly just do not care to explain myself to you, that's all. What can I say, after the stuff you posted, I just can't take you seriously.
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    Yes I feel better when I keep my mind "close", you should try it sometime.
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    awww I'm sorry, at first you seemed to think you had a significant observation to make but were disconnected and vague.
    I was trying to help you make a wee bit of sense.

    Thanks for clearing up that misconception.
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    uh-huh so the structure of the gov't is irrelevant to you? YEAH RIGHT

    hint hint: If you were posting from north korea,maybe I would not be considering your post childish nonsense.
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  9. They can cover up the bottom line by financiall engineering but the basics are still there and so is the problem. Debt is debt, you can spice it up by various terms, agreements, conversions, tranchees,repayment terms, derivatives, exotics, etc. but it's still debt. Just because you can complicate a mezzanine investment by taking 4 or 7 or even 12 combinations of secured, unsecured & subordinated debt and common & preferred shares, spin em around, add some covenants and funky agreements, it does not change the bottom line that it is just debt and equity.
    Financial engineering is nothing more than financial BS that spices up the sales. If it looks creative and funky and innovative, well it will sell. Happened with junk bonds, ppl ate them up like the next hot investment when they were essentially sh*ty debt. That's just one example, I've studied a couple more 5 years ago.

    Either way you put it, fractional reserve banking allows the member banks of the Fed to "print" money and then lend it out at interest. The same is done with credit cards, a promise to pay by the consumer is taken and turn into a credit line that is not backed by a deposit of any sort.

    If the system is really that transparent and honorable, then how about making it open game. If I were to safekeep someone's money and then start lending it through fractional reserve banking, I would be taken to court for FRAUD on more than one count.
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  10. i don't but yeah, compared to most European countries and Japan for instance, the health & wealth 'pyramid' is def much steeper in the US, the rich to poor disparities are probably twice as wide if not more and i don't even want to guess how many people in % are below the poverty threshold in the US, therefore yeah, so much in terms of social harmony & solidarity in the US i guess... look pal, no need to encourage me here, if i thought your country were the best deal and i wanted to live there, i could, green card or not... there is a reason why i chose to live in Japan, after living & working in 8-13 other countries...

    but then again, what does that have to do with the Fed???

    where i am coming from is, they are actually the good guys, see the irony if i'm right? whereas the guys who are rocking the boat all the time (large specs, petro-military complex, arms dealers etc) to wilfully create, provoke, aggravate & amplify any possible panic, cause blow-ups etc and profit from those instead of working towards world peace & stability, to me the simple mind, they are the 'bad' guys...

    bah, whatever... shoot the Fed if you must... compared to the others they're a pretty easy target... and lets all go back to the happy days of barter...
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