The Money Masters

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  1. This was mentioned before on ET, someone had a link to a google video. I happened to buy the DVDs last week, just watched them on Sunday.

    Definitely a must for anyone who likes to understand how the world turns. What was amazing to me is how much of the info is taught in high school US history, yet with inadequate detail, so noone really noticed how important certain events were. Particularly the accounts of the First & Second US banks.
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    LOL, and the Matrix was a documentary.
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    I watched this guy and the whole time I was waiting for the "I DID NOT HAD SEXUAL RELATIONS..."
  4. I had a couple of ex-trader friends who subscribe to the explanation of history in this video; one was a student of Carroll Quigley's at Georgetown. As I said, ex-traders, they kept trying to sell into the 1982-2000 bull market waiting for the monetary system to collapse. Now, one is driving a limo (Columbia MBA) and the other is still writing books and holding conferences on the monetary system and the truth about money. Good luck to them both.
  5. He goes through events you can look up in a history book, especially the ones involving Andrew Jackson. Yeah I guess that's all fiction, and the Federal Reserve is a government bank.

    You know, people like you deserve to be fleeced.
  6. I guess they forgot the "boom" before the "bust" part.

    It's ok, you could not use commond sense in that bull market, proper trader mentality got you killed. Soros and Buffet both got hit.
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    What's your point?
    How do you prevent getting fleeced?
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    Fortunately currencies are monitored by FOREX. In Walter Wriston words, it's much better system than Gold standard ever was. There is not going to be real inflation. Most people do too little thinking to figure out the world is completely different from seventies. On the other hand, give them some conspiracy theory or doom-gloom scenario and they all for it. Dumb sheep.
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    You gotta love people like these.

    Ummmm, So folks you got that?!!

    since this " Walter Wriston" says it's ok, the rest of the sheep should quiet down and take " Walter Wriston" at his word? hey after all, it's " Walter Wriston" folks!!

    Why don't you post some thing more concrete than Khazari type bull shit like this.
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