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    Yes, bulgarian girls are mostly skinny, seems they also dont like that sheperd salads too much :)

    Things have changed a bit in the last 10 years I think, but of course it is still another world than UK, Germany, France...

    I would also not go there with a family, but for a few years of fun it might be great, especially for a younger trader. Move to Bulgaria, enjoy a simple, easy life, meet nice girls and save lots of money. Later, when you get more wealthy, you can move to a place like Monaco, so back to topic :)
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    10 Reasons Why The Rich & Famous Live In MONACO

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    Thanks for that, timing is impeccable as I'm planning on moving there later in the year. No.1 is factually incorrect, the wealthy often pay minimal wage to their staff, the lower income citizens will make more than most but definitely not 6 figures. I knew some people who moved there, they left as the schooling is too strict. They oddly left out that Monaco also has one of the longest lifespans in the world, no point in having that lifestyle if you're not around to enjoy it.
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    I thought these days Brits moved to Sandbanks not Monaco....
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    You are comparing Sandbanks with Monaco? ROFL
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    I was being sarcastic, there is a Piers Morgan video on YouTube where he asks that question.
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    The people who couldn't handle Monaco, they moved to Sandbanks.
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  8. No airport there...
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    Monaco's Mediterranean Expansion | The B1M
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  10. [​IMG]
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