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    Does anybody else notice this stuff?
    The little 5 year old girl who was kidnapped yesterday. The police found a body today. Her mother was on TV pleading for her child. There was no husband with her. At the time the child disappeared the mother was working and had dumped the girl at her grandma's who had left the girl on the street alone. If the mom had of been watching over her own child she would be ok now. A typical modern-day family?
    The seven year old girl who was kidnapped while home alone and murdered while her adulterous wife-swapping parents were out partying at a local bar. I can't remember her name but the suspect is on trial now on Court TV. A typical modern-day family?
    John "Walker-Lindh". His dad decided that he liked corn-holing other men so he divorced his wife and left the family. A young male uses his father for a role model. I imagine he lost his identity when his father perved out on him and his whole world collapsed, so what does he do? He goes out looking for an identity, trying to figure out who he is and be a man, or at least to figure out what a man is, he's not so sure anymore, and ends up with Al Keida. The father was on TV tonight and compared his son to Nelson Mandella and said the family was proud of their son and that if he was the Bushes son that they would be proud of him too.:confused: On the show one of your typical California lawyers was arguing that she thought the family was a GOOD family and reasonable with their comments but she was VERY disappointed that John only got 20 years. She thought he should have gotten life. A typical modern-day family?
    The thirteen year old girl who's mother divorced her father and then abandoned her. She ended up living with her aunt. Did she lose her bearings too? She became sexually promiscuous, hooked up with some guy on the internet (to replace daddy?), and was murdered by him during sex (while being strangled to increase her orgasm). So, so sad :( . Her body was found a while back and the guy was recently convicted of manslaughter. It was on the news today.
    All of these families appear to be smart, well educated, and have money, so they are not even under the stress of deprivation, their lifestyles are "simply" choices they've made.
    Unless things change in this country we're F%#cked. Our enemies are strong and we are wishy washy, morally relative, and weak.
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    I think it all started with that hair coloring product commercial a few years ago. The tag-line/ motto was "This I do for me.".
  4. Maybe Dan Quayle had a point, after all...

    I notice this stuff. It certainly feels like there has been a deterioration of morals, honor, character, respect, etc. - whether that is true or just the result of media sensationalism and technology that now allows them to endlessly pipe the world's horror and evil and decadence into our living room on tv, I don't know.

    but assuming it is true, then the question is WHY - is it just part of a natural cycle, our version of the decline of Rome or Athens, or is it directed by some source?
  5. Maybe there are some things about our society that are deteriorating, personal ethics, poor lifestyle choices, etc. However, IMO, we still have SO MANY things to be thankful for. I read a NYTimes editorial about how the murder rate in Sao Palo Brazil is ten times that of NYC. The upper crust buy thousands of armored cars each year in order to drive though the ghettos in safety. Some even hire helecopter services to get out of the city without going through the ghettos. The rich band together in walled, protected communities. Sure we have ghettos here, but nothing like that, not yet at least.

    As for what you are refering to, Rigel, I agree with your pointed question. What IS happening to families in this country? Perhaps it isn't rational on my part, but one of the things that scares me the most about the typical American nuclear family is how much junk the parents are feeding their children. For instance, there is quite a body of evidence that many of the food colorings alter neurotransmitters and can cause learning problems, etc. Hydrogenated oils have recently been estimated to be at least ten times more dangerous than saturated fats. Etc, etc. The children of our country are been raised on junk food, tv, and video games. Of course, that doesn't guarantee that they'll turned out to be careless, thoughtless adults unable to rise above their upbringing, but it probably puts the odds against them. Some people believe the fall of the Roman Empire, is at least to some degree, linked to their use of lead in lining aqueducts. It is the small things that matter. It is the small things that change the world.
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    "but assuming it is true, then the question is WHY"
    I think it's a personal choice. Everyone has to choose.
    1Timothy ch4 verses2,3
    Romans ch2 verses28,29
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    Don't forget the flouride in the water supply. Time to call Dr. Strangelove back into service!!!
  8. Noticed it also.

    Remember Soros invested in eastern Europe because he said something like when it gets real horrible-then it snaps back better.

    Exspect the family, the NASDAQ to snap back. Probably the NASDAQ before the nation of families.

    Remember the '' good ole days '' when they posted the ten commandments in the school,and they paddled you. That did bruise us but kept order in public schools,like home.Probably see this trend resume. ! What shallow ,silly thinking to call that child abuse or fundamentalist fanatic.


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