The "Miracle" Of Compound Inflation

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  1. Inflation has the opposite effect of interest. So when it grows and interest rates fall the opposite effect of return will happen. I think we are entering a period of diminishing returns.

    It is likely to last for twenty of so years. Because of the aging demographic.
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  3. inflation also reduces the real-value of current debt.
  4. Exactly... feels like "family planning"
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    US Treasury is basically borrowing money for free. The foreign lenders belive they make a 1-1.5% return on the 10y/30y bonds, but in reality they get 0% as the real inflation is ~1.5% above the official numbers.
  6. Excellent article. Needs lots of discussions.
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  8. So anybody and everybody is better off learning Chinese, Portuguese or Hindu and moving to China, Brazil or India respectively. It makes sense: coasting economy going through a crisis is not going to post yields. Emerging economies: nothing but yields.