The minion of fortune

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  1. I got a bad news for all of you guys. Nothing will help you, i mean no trading rules or trading system or mental fitness will help you if you aren`t The Minion Of Fortune...
  2. Yeah, well but..this is exactly what i`m saying.Either if you was born with the money, or you have a gift you are way ahead of the game.
    But it is only for the Few, the Proud and the Lucky.
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    It is common knowledge that very high intelligence or high intelligence, while it may help, is not a passport to riches. What is required to make yourself rich, in essence, is the personality trait, of strong ambition in one of its various manifestations, together with sufficiently high intelligence focussed on your problem solving capability.

    It is no different for making yourself rich from trading. Solve the puzzle of the markets. But then IMPLEMENT it.
  4. Incorrect assumption. If history is any guide, most fortunes are lost within 4 generations. Mostly due to the incompetence of their children. Why do you think Warren Buffet is so against passing on his wealth to his children.

    Hungry Lions hunt best.
  5. Hey man, listen..i only need the one generation..I don`t give a damn on Buffet. His a misadventure.
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    If you believe success it due entirely to luck, then why do you even bother trading?
  7. I hope i`ll be able to bypass that bitch called 'Luck'
  8. Yes, you and me both. You know, you could always marry an old Rich Widow. For love of trading, there is nothing wrong with having a wife with dentures and sagging ti**&.
  9. :D :D :D :D
    Never me, man..never me
  10. Fully agree. Best you can do for your kids is ensure them a happy childhood, safety, good upbringing and education. All my dough will go straight to charity after I pass.
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