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    Hi all,
    I've recently been testing a system that averages ,after diminishing commision and sllipage, about 1 pip per day.
    I'd say it's always good to be in profit but now I have to decide wether to invest more time and money in this sytsem. Since i've figured that with the money i currently have to invest with the system(25000$) I'll barely able to make a 30$ per day which is definetly not enough.
    My question is if one pip per day fully automatic is considered a good number and is worth of trading with or maybe I need to reanalayze my system in order to have a better number.
  2. It sounds not like a nice thing. It may be good if you have surplus money (i.e. cash that you can not trade discretionary). USD 30 per day is still USD 6000 actually moer) in a year, so the return is a lot better than most investments, and it takes little attention from you.

    But besides that.... I think not worth it.

    BUT: The system may be ok, just you bork it (as in: have overlooked something etc. resulting in it not realizing the potential).

    Sounds like something to publish - as it is not worth trading for you ;)
  3. Throw it back into the water.
  4. If you decide not using it, it would be very kind of you if you present the system here, or at least outline the idea behind it.

    Maybe you get some really good advice that turns it into a useable system.

    TIA rookie
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    You're saying 30 dollars a day on the forex, right? But if you traded the same system on the equivalent future contract wouldn't it make 300 dollars per day? 6000 dollars a month? What if you could apply that same system on 3 other forex futures, investing the same capital (while it's not being used)? I agree with everyone else - please post your system and thank you in advance.
  6. Is that "real money" or "virtual money"? :cool:
  7. You may not be properly taking into account large losses that can easily wipeout lots and lots of small, 1 pip, profits. :cool:
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    The trades aren't one pip winners but 20-30 pips but with the losses it comes out as about onr pip per day
  9. Then maybe a filter that takes out enough of the losses (but not profits) may change that to your advantage ;)
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