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    [09:14] <brandon> One of the things I spend a lot of time talking about is Risk managment, money managment and trade managment.
    [09:14] <brandon> All of this is geared towards protecting capital which is replaceable
    [09:14] <brandon> nice stuff this morning guys
    [09:14] <brandon> good work
    [09:15] <brandon> One thing I dont talk about much though, which is as least as important, is protecting your health and mental focus.
    [09:15] <brandon> If you are in poor health, or a generally poor disposition it is almost impossible to trade, no matter how good your business and trading plan might be.
    [09:16] <brandon> Im not going to spend time telling you to not smoke, dont drink too much and exersise because unless you live under a rock you know this stuff.
    [09:16] <brandon> Just in case you do live under a rock, now you know.
    [09:17] <brandon> But I want to talk about how you can modify your focus and moods
    [09:17] <brandon> and maintain a high energy level.
    [09:17] <brandon> If you lack energy or feel bad about yourself, its going to be almost impossible to trade.
    [09:17] <brandon> You will probably have a hard time with the rest of your life as well.
    [09:17] <brandon> Try this.
    [09:17] <brandon> just for fun
    [09:18] <brandon> Round your shoulders, slouch, look down and frown.
    [09:18] <brandon> Now start to think about how awful the world is.
    [09:19] <brandon> People are starving you know, maybe you hate President Bush, the enviornment is going to hell, some jerk neighbor, maybe your childhood was tramatic.
    [09:19] <brandon> Whatever it takes to get you going, think about that.
    [09:19] <brandon> Take very shallow breaths
    [09:19] <brandon> breathing threw your chest
    [09:19] <brandon> Now extend this to the market
    [09:19] <brandon> Its summertime, Im never going to get this.
    [09:20] <brandon> Brandon sucks and doesnt care about us and the jerk is never here.
    [09:20] <brandon> The markets are impossible.
    [09:20] <brandon> Its rigged
    [09:20] <brandon> a damn conspirecy between the market makers, specialists and floor traders.
    [09:20] <brandon> They just want to keep the little guy down.
    [09:21] <brandon> Now while you are doing this really focus on your sloppy posture and breathing. Be sure to frown.
    [09:21] <brandon> Now, go out and remember your worst trade.
    [09:21] <brandon> The biggest losing day you had
    [09:21] <brandon> keep thinking about this and how terrible it was.
    [09:21] <brandon> Keep doing this until you feel it.
    [09:21] <brandon> How do you feel? How profitable do you think you could be trading in this state?
    [09:22] <brandon> probably would not do too well?
    [09:22] <brandon> LOL there ya go
    [09:22] <brandon> Now try this.
    [09:22] <brandon> Sit up straight, shoulders back, head square over your shoulders.
    [09:22] <brandon> Good posture.
    [09:22] <brandon> Look up and smile.e
    [09:23] <brandon> Breath deeply and from your belly.
    [09:23] <brandon> Good Oxygen flow.
    [09:23] <brandon> Think of how fortunate you are to have people in your life who you care about and who care about you in return.
    [09:24] <brandon> Remind yourself how fortunate you are to live in freedom and have the opportunity to pursue your dreams.
    [09:24] <brandon> Think of a warm summer day on the beach.
    [09:24] <brandon> Think of the times you have had an obstical and got a plan together and overcame it.
    [09:24] <brandon> Continue this and then now extend it out into the market.
    [09:25] <brandon> Be thankful that you are free to pursue making a living in the market.
    [09:25] <brandon> Remind yourself of the countless opportunities that present themselves to you each week to make money.
    [09:25] <brandon> See them in your mind.
    [09:25] <brandon> Watch yourself taking them.
    [09:26] <brandon> Tell yourself that you have a valid plan which you will follow, that you have mentors who care if you succeed or not and by following your plan you are going to make it.
    [09:26] <brandon> Now, think of your last great trade.
    [09:26] <brandon> One that you did everything right on and where rewarded for your efforts.
    [09:27] <brandon> Actually go back and see it, feel it again.
    [09:27] <brandon> Keep going over it again and again.
    [09:27] <brandon> How do you feel now?
    [09:27] <brandon> How profitable can you be in this state?
    [09:27] <brandon> can you see the difference between this and the first one?
    [09:28] <brandon> you can do this in life in general too
    [09:28] <brandon> not just the market
    [09:28] <brandon> you have 100% control over how you feel at any time
    [09:28] <brandon> no one can make you feel a damn thing you dont want to feel
    [09:28] <brandon> you have the control. Exersise it.
    [09:29] <brandon> your trading will improve
    [09:29] <brandon> but even more important then that, your LIFE will improve.
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