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  1. It is amazing how often clients ask me. "How much do I need?"
    It is invariably a telltale sign of a person who has no money, and I don't mean liquidity problems. He could be a MBA student with a 100k-student loan, looking for wall-street jobs or a busted trader looking for a full-time job and a chance to stage a comeback.
    What I would like to know is; how realistic is to say, "if you develop a robust system, your chances of finding some backers or perhaps a job will increase". [\color]
    I for one don't say this but Russell Sands web-site eluded to this point blank. I am just curious what others think...
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  4. if you develop a robust mechanized TRADING system, how would your chances of finding some backers (i.e. MONEY) or perhaps a job (i.e. good paying wall-street type) be?????????

    ....provided your system tests real well ???
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    why find 'financial backers' if it proves to be successful? just get a loan and start making money!!??!! am i missing something? also, 'tests well' and 'makes money' are 2 different things. are you asking if you could con your way into a situation by showing a (hypothetically) good system? probably yeah if you can sell. there will always be people dreaming of a way to make $$ the easy way...just look at all the subscription chat rooms!!!
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  7. due to diversification and long term nature of the system....
    ok - how would I borrow that money? and what rate? what if I prefer to raise it through family and friends to later become a CTA?
    I have said all as "I" just for figure of speech, it is not me but many clients I have wish to have a robust system and don't have the money to play with.
  8. No offense to you funky, but is running a subscription chatroom really *easy* money? I don't know about you, but I would hate like heck to have to deal with a room full of traders - all day - - I'd much rather trade alone and walk away whenever I wanted to. :D

    As far as getting backing or a good job etc. for presenting a robust trading system goes, I would think that that would at the very least be quite difficult. But not impossible.

    The first thing that comes to mind is that if someone has the cash to back someone else, then the person or persons with the cash, must already have a pretty robust trading system or business, so why would the need or desire to have another one.

    I have never developed a pure mechanical trading system and wouldn't even know how to begin to do such a thing. But I can't help but think that most all of these backtested systems can and do have some biases that don't really show up until they are put into live trading situations.

    I would imagine that many backtested systems can produce astounding results when trading history (backtesting), but very few produce astounding results trading the *hard right edge* of the chart. (*I love that name of Farley's website:D )

    So, with all that in mind, I would imagine that any serious backer would want to see some real $$$ audited results, produced by such a system over a period of time.

    I would also imagine that such systems have been developed and are currently in use, making real money.

    The question is "Does Yours?" have proven/audited results showing "robust" REAL profits over a period of time in todays market, right here, right now, today and then again tomorrow morning.

    If you cannot answer yes to that question, then I would imagine that you will have, at the very least, a long row to hoe. If you can answer yes then you will still probably have a lot of selling to do, but their could be a nice big pot of gold at the end.

    Best regards and good luck with it.


    PS. One more thought that comes to mind and this is just my opinion on my way of doing things - but if I could answer yes to the above question - I would be putting on my 'sunday best' and going to visit some people and I would not mention it ever again on a public message board on the internet. I would find some backer/s locally and start small - work my way up and keep the number of backers to a bare minimum. Preferably only one other besides myself and even more preferably just myself. :)
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    The answer to your Q is self evident.

    There are lots of situations exactly like yours out there only they are further down the road.

    You probably have 20 or more that you know of already and you probably know many people doing them too.

    Over three years of posting here I am sure you have seen many start up and get under way as well.

    If you do a search, you can check out many.

    I would use the trade word "robust" as a hook to get into gear.

    Were I you I would do a splice with some that appeal to you.

    You are chatting about giving the candy store away; that is not a terrific orientation. Raise the bar a little so you can get off the ground.
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    ahh plum, you misread me...i was talking about the dreamy wannabes who think its easy and want the service to make them rich!!! theres always lots of em to profit off of!!! (sarcasm)

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