The military is being used to protect our freedoms

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    The military is being used to protect our freedoms

    This is the biggest self serving load of shit that politicians have ever given us, the other day that useless piece of crap Rick Santorum said the reason that we were attacked on 9/11 was supposedly because a bunch of people who live in caves in the middle east, all of a sudden got up one day and thought about how pissed off they were that people who live on the opposite side of the planet were free to do whatever they want.

    Before too many people attack me, I want to say I have the utmost respect for everyone who has fought and died for this country, this is not an attack on them, I am pissed off because I see them being abused by politicians who clearly do not have the goal of freedom in America in mind.

    With that said how could any logical person buy into the shit that politicians are selling in order to propogate the myth that our military actions abroad are “protecting our freedoms.”

    When was the last time in history that ANY COUNTRY posed a serious threat to freedom in America? Last one I can think of is the Cuban missile crisis, and that was solved without ever firing a bullet.

    On the other hand, the same politicians who have told us our military actions are based on “protecting our freedoms” have used the fact that we are at war to justify their actions in stripping us of our most fundamental freedoms, and that is the freedom from being unfairly attacked by our own government.

    Since 9/11 the government has given themselves the right to do whatever they want, from warrantless wiretaps, to indefinite detention by government, to TSA molestation, to flat out killing American citizens without a trial. All this happens under the headline of "protecting our freedoms" We are getting fucked in the ass by neo con chicken hawks, and For all the pissing and moaning liberals do about guys like Bush and Cheney, they sure seem to disappear in a heartbeat whenever a democrat is in charge, and there really is no discernible difference between the two parties when it comes to this.

    I have read tons of attacks on Ron Paul over foreign policy in the last few weeks, and I find it hard to believe that people would not atleast take a second to seriously think about how Americans have benefited from our military actions abroad, and what the government has done to us based on these wars. I cant understand how a logical person would not at the very least question a large part of our military actions abroad.

    It seems very easy for people to dismiss Ron Pauls idea of complete isolationism as crazy, and maybe that isnt the right answer, but take a look at every single war we have gotten into going back to world war 2 and try honestly asking yourself whether or not the benefit outweighs the cost,in terms of money, freedom, and most importantly the loss of life from the courageous people who have fought these wars for us.

    The biggest threat to our freedom is not some guy living in a cave abroad, its our own government, and its the threat that we will go broke, and America will collapse, and while entitlements and domestic spending are a huge problem, military and foreign spending is the other side of the busted equation.

    I cant help but think that Osama Bin Laden is currently rotting in hell with a smile on his face thinking he couldnt even imagine pulling off the destruction our own government has caused us since 9/11.

    'When i hear a politician brag about the military as "protecting our freedom" i just want to punch them right in the dick for using peoples lives to fuel their political agenda.
  2. I hear you Max and I agree wholeheartedly. Many of my brothers and sisters who are still active duty, surprisingly enough, realize what's going on. Unlike many politicians, they take their oaths seriously and if they are ever ordered to shoot or jail Americans, they will refuse to do so.

    Obama waited until New Year's Eve to sign the NDAA (gee, I wonder why). He signed it "with reservations". What can I say, the enemy is inside the gates. We have to remain vigilant and work to educate people beyond the frame of what the corporate media allows.

    Right now we have a golden opportunity to get a man elected that will get us back on the right track but it will be difficult in the extreme. Talk to your friends and talk to your family. Force them to listen. It is no longer acceptable to allow them to remain asleep. Every day I receive thank yous from friends who say they never heard of Ron Paul except what the corporate media told them. They never thought there would be a principled statesman who actually keeps their word and most importantly, has the people's best interests at heart.

    We know he would right the ship but we also know the entire establishment will do everything in its power to stop this from happening. No matter what, the ideas of liberty, freedom, and the Constitution (sad that I have to refer to that as an idea now) have taken hold and we must continue to remind people who we truly are as a nation. If we allow the last ten years to go unchallenged, in another 10 years it will be too late. Our children will have grown up in this version of America and won't know any better. Time is fast running out.

  3. I agree Mr Pad
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    I agree, rendering most arguments from the lefties complete BS that being armed to fend off tyranny is useless.
  5. Might be your best post ever Max...
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    I fully agree. The war in Iraq had nothing to do with defending our freedoms. Indeed the advocates of that war have taken away our freedoms with the Patriot Act, the TSA, and other federal police state actions.

    The real threat to our freedoms is in Washington, D.C., not the Middle East.
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    I disagree and find statements like this strangely naive. Having served 3 years in the military my training and duty was to follow orders, and an army can't function any other way. That is exactly what those in the military will honorably do, whether it's fighting wars they may not believe in, or doing their duty anywhere in the world including here in the US. If soldiers are in a situation facing off with other Americans word may go around that they are confronting Communist sympathizers or Insurgents or maybe Terrorists who want to destroy their American way of life. Regardless, they will follow orders and do their duty, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an arm-chair quarterback who has never served.

    During World War II Japanese American citizens were jailed and put into concentration camps here in the US. On May 4, 1970 at Kent State University an Ohio Army National Guard unit fired at students during an anti-war protest on campus, killing four and wounding nine. I'm sure the soldiers were taunted, felt threatened, maybe heard a loud pop or what they thought was a gun going off, and in volatile confrontational situations it's hard to determine what triggers things. But if you think soldiers won't abide by their training and follow orders even when dealing with Americans then you are sadly mistaken.
  8. Soldiers sign an oath to protect the country from all enemies,foreign and domestic

    If The President and their superiors say you are an enemy,you are an enemy
  9. +1

    I'm from New Orleans,after Katrina I was visiting the city when the National Guard was patrolling New Orleans and they treated the citizens of New Orleans no different then the citizens Of Iraq.Citizens were routinely stopped and held at gunpoint by humvees and automatic rifles until NOPD arrived
  10. This poses an interesting topic because the defense at the Nuremberg trials after WWII was pretty much "I was following orders."

    If it comes down to attacking your own countrymen like the communists did in Tienanmen Square (sp?) then the US really has gone commie.
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