The military hospital fiasco

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  1. Why can't they find that "the buck stops" with George Bush?
    When you fight for your country and they treat you like a peace of shit for asking for services and having injuries (physical or psychological) how can they expect people flock to serve? What kind of a person would even go and serve fully aware that he/she is only a canon fodder and nothing more.
    Already we have a fighting force for green cards etc to find people to go to Iraq. What’s next? Enlisting the gangs into squadrons to fight for us?
    Don't you love the conservorats bumper sticker "I support my troops" and I vote for Bush&Cheney. What an oxymoron.
  2. I think you basically answered your own questions there.

    Still, a link to the story of the fetid and lousy conditions of iraqi vets in hospital, and the COWARDLY, SLIMY photo op "tour" you refer to may be in order.

    Of course, that doesnt apply to just iraqi vets, these worthless vote -for- me- shitbags have been pulling the same stunt since they invented flashbulbs.
  3. when u join an army that doesn't even recognize the cancerous effects of enriched uranium, u get sick because of it, your dna is fucked for life and obviously for generations to come, u just wont get treatment. this is no more a defense army, american soldiers are pure mercenaries, fighting for the big interests of corporations...treated like worthless pieces of garbage to trow away after being used and abused. later will dig up a link to a nice documentary about enriched uranium and war in general... appalling stuff.

  4. Gee bit, your not being, maybe a little harsh?
    People arent JUST brainless drones are they...........To vote for, or fight for, some other brainless, drones..........noooooooo, that cant be the case, surely.


    There isnt ANY propaganda, honest!
    Support the troops, or be subject to a lifelong campaign of slurs, libel, harassment and bullshit.
    Unless of course you are a soldier, in which case you were fucked to begin with.
  5. i will link u to a documentary later...make up your mind, it's pretty transparent and for all to see.

    hmmm...that's one of my bookmarked links.
    good to know...
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