The mighty pea is everybody’s new favorite plant-based protein

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    The mighty pea is everybody’s new favorite plant-based protein
    You can call it an overreaction to some bad soy headlines, or chalk it up to concerns about the environmental impacts of meat. Either way, it’s hard to ignore the food industry’s new favorite protein source: peas. Earlier this month, meat-substitute producer Beyond Meat made IPO history when its shares nearly tripled in value on their first day of trading. (Ad Age)
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    Morons. They be fighting millions of years of evolution. We're smarter now than we were because of red, bloody meat. And if they want to regress back to just green leafy vegetables, we'll lose that brain-pan, and become even stupider than we have become. Damned BBQs are already killing our intelligence from the cooking process.

    Humans needed countless generations of raw bloody meat to grow the gray matter. It is no longer happening. So sorry kids, no warp drive in your future. We're too fucking stupid to figure out how to do it, and we won't be getting any smarter because everyone thinks cow farts are killing your future great-grandchildren, which have not been born yet.

    And they won't be. Because you are eating soy, to save the earth.

    The earth doesn't need saving. Save yourselves.