The Midget That Wants To Be A Giant

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  1. “The Soviet Union . . . is gone forever, and I hope that Russia understands that,” she said. “We are absolutely devoted to the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine and of other states that were once a part of the Soviet Union.”

    Rice Responds

    Russia has been flying Nuke Bombers off the Alaska'n coast and was intercepted by two f16s while flying over on of our carrier groups, with a Nuke Bomber.

    Russia is playing chess with the US and the US has made little moves with weak Pons.

    The US is thought to be weak in her current condition. With the US troops stretched to the hilt, the economy faltering, and the election coming, Russia sees a confused, weak and ignorant Giant, wobbling as if it were one "BLACK SWAN" from falling.

    I have been short for the last few weeks. My lead and very profitable gains are far less with the rally of the last two days. However, I remain short.

    The Economic and Political Front are signaling a "shoe to soon drop".

  2. I hope you have deep pockets.
  3. LOL, I suppose you think the tide has changed and this is a "Rally" to start the new BULL?

    I held short for almost a 500 point fall in the INDU over a few weeks..(keep in mind, the positions are YM and Equities of certain naturel., NOT S&P FUTURES) I can hold short for a 300 plus gain against me.. Odds are in my favor.

    News only worsens for the Economy as OIL will blow past 99 shortly.
  4. SteveD


    Once the concept of a "black swan" came about people have started to throw it around.....silly...very amateurish

    Livermore: How do anyone know if anything he did is really true...someone on ET says he made $25,000 last year he is pounded and demanded to see his tax records....

    Livermore says he made $1,000,000 and everybody says "WOW". I want to be like him...greatest trader of all time...

    Most, if not all, of what Livermore, purported to do is now either illegal or simply out dated.....

    Grow up boys and girls.....and for God's sake, get back on those meds......

  5. You're supposition would be incorrect. I've been buying pm's since 2003, however, I will ride the current trends.

    Your long term direction is accurate, I don't know what instruments you hold and at what leverage. Insolvency is generally the result with most market timers.

    I apologise if this isn't your situation.

  6. A weak PAWN....spelled PAWN, can takeout a queen and overthrow a king!

    The US is not weak....WE ARE THE ONLY REMAINING SUPERPOWER IN THE WORLD! OUR NAVY IS STILL OPERATING IN NEARLY EVERY OCEAN IN THE WORLD. I don't see russian or chinese battleships off the coast of socal, do you?

    Russia is still reeling from their failed attempt to conquer little ol' Afghanistan, and the default of their debt!

    Oil will come back down to reality and when it does, Russia and the other piece of shit 3rd world nations whose only contribution to mankind is oil, will be right back where they started. Looking to the US for trade

    As for your shorts, DON'T FIGHT THE FED! I bet we go 300 higher before 500 lower!
  7. Humm,

    Black Swan is a concept that I learned in Finance Class far before many used it on ET.

    BLACK SWAN is nothing more than a Mathematical assumption that X could go wrong, to cause a huge well, FUBAR.

    Steve, please with your "Professional" side. I bet you dial for dollars my friend, don't for get to slap your secretary in the arse.

    WHAT DID LIVERMORE DO THAT WOULD BE ILLEGAL TODAY? Come on sharp guy? You carry a big stick, use it.

    The only think LIVERMORE did was , BUY ON HUGE MARGIN! Much like half you pathetic simple minded fucks who are paying 7 year loans on your autos and living you your homes that you "Can't Afford".

    Humm, seems like the days of the "bucket shops" left Wallstreet but ended up the "lending" business.

    So, please, if your gona talk out of your arse, wipe first.
  8. I hear ya on the Don't fight the FED. I still have a little wiggle room to get out with a very small profit, before I throw in the towel, if it comes to that.

    I friend of mine who trades over in the UK, just sent me a chart on the Metals.

    Seems as if Steel has firmed up or at least, has not buckled much.

    He say's he isn't trying to tell me that a "Bull Market" is in on Steel, but that the "global" Steel market may signal that a US market Drop on Deflationary pressures is not in store for the crystal ball.

    He may have a point. But I still have a little bit of room left.

    Of course, I don't want to go and "BREAK THE LAW" by trading out dated styles like >LIVERMORE:cool:
  9. As far as "SUPERPOWER", in theory we still area. For now.

    "russian or chinese battleships off the coast of socal, do you?"

    And not so sure you gona see "battleships off our coast". I would probably guess that Nuke Subs are closer than you think my friend. Never assume the "Other Guy" is stupid.

    Very few really know the Japs attacked the OR coast back in ww2 with a Sub, or that the East Coast Was attacked by a Nazi Uboat/sub, only to start a small fire in a "energy plant".:D :D
  10. I don't underestimate the stupidity of the chinese or the machismo, more balls then brains, of the Russians.

    I do know our capabilities, I also know theirs. The only quiet sub that either country deploys are diesel subs and they are quiet, but must snorkel and run on diesel to recharge at regular intervals. These limitations severely limit there patrol areas. As for those nuke subs, well we can hear them even before they leave their homeports, and its likley we tail them their entire patrol.
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